The Last Sunday (synopsis)

The Last Sunday (synopsis)

By Terry E. Hill



The three books of the Sunday Morning Trilogy provide a glimpse into the personal life of Hezekiah Cleaveland, one of America’s most influential pastors and his lovely wife Samantha. Hezekiah is the young, handsome and charismatic pastor of the mega church New Testament Cathedral in Los Angeles. He is married to Reverend Samantha Cleaveland a beautiful, ambitious, and equally charismatic minister.  Samantha is the power behind Hezekiah and New Testament Cathedral. She runs the church and their national television ministry from behind the scenes with a firm and often cruel hand. Together they are building a new 25,000 seat mega church.

“The Last Sunday” is the third and final installment in the Sunday Morning Trilogy. In novels one and two, Samantha arranged the assassination of her husband after learning of his homosexual affair that threatened to topple their multi-million dollar ministry. After his death Samantha was installed as interim pastor of New Testament Cathedral and the head of their international television ministry.

Now the drama intensifies in book three as the Cleaveland empire begins to unravel. Samantha is challenged by the same people whose lives she so recklessly destroyed through murder, intimidation and seduction in books one and two. Her victims, in the vein of a classic Hollywood who-done-it, work together to end her reign of terror.

Construction of the New Testament Cathedral’s multimillion dollar crystal sanctuary is completed. Samantha is credited with building the magnificent edifice and bringing her late husband’s dream to fruition in spite of her grief over his death. Los Angeles and the world celebrate with Samantha and the New Testament “family” in a series of parties, visits from political and ecclesiastical dignitaries, and Hollywood celebrities. Samantha is the reigning queen and celebrated minister of the gospel, however, conspiring in the background are the people whose lives she has left in shambles.

In book three we meet Gideon Truman a national investigative reporter who is convinced that Samantha was involved in her husband’s assassination. Gideon doggedly pursues the truth. Cynthia Pryce, the wife of the church`s assistant pastor Reverend Percy Pryce, continues her tireless efforts to bring down Samantha so that t her Percy can be installed as pastor of New Testament Cathedral.

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